It’s amazing how it calms you down and makes you more efficient and affective at work. I never knew what emotional intelligence was unit I trained with Arian. Her amazing guidance was well structured with plenty of discussion, journaling and meditation.
– Tom C.

This course really changed my outlook on life and how I manage people. I've done different courses and it's so easy to criticise a training like this. Nothing prepared me for the insight and calm I have in my life. I've never felt so clear and more sure of myself.
- Lesley B.

Thank you for changing my life in a very positive way. The weekly sessions connect all of us and allow us to embed the practices coherently which is very habit forming. I very much appreciate the opportunity to be more emotionally intelligent and aware.
– Paul C.

The realisation that by slowing down and being mindful, you live a more fulfilled moment, day and life. Clarity, insight and delight increase when your develop the skills of emotional intelligence provided in this training.
– David P.

Arian’s training equips you with the tools for a calmer, self-aware and a more managable work life. I was a stress head and would normally react punching the air.  To be able to manage my emotions more efficiently has made me manage my team better. The videos and discussions were engaging as I got to know my team even better.
– Trevor F.

Relaxed, focused, aware. I can’t remember when I felt this good. The practical exercises working in pairs each week gave me an opportunity to get to know myself and what triggers my stress levels. Seeing colleagues discuss their challenges in a group has been amazing. I always thought emotional intelligence was meant for my professional life…but it helps in my personal life too. Thank you Arian for an insightful and surprising journey together. 
– Amber Z.

Arian takes you down a number of roads with her stories to help you understand why mindfulness and emotional intelligent skills are important to every aspect of your life. I feel calmer and clearer in my head. I see things I never saw before. The discussions and videos helped me understand so much more. It made me think about the life I want to have.
– Eloise M.

The variety of ways you can implement mindfulness and meditation. I thought I could meditate, then Arian showed us so many more options. Mindfulness is now helping me at work, when I drive and with my three year infant son. Her calm and approach makes it so easy and effective. She is a powerful teacher. A one of a kind that you don’t meet very often.
– Belinda Y.

My days were so busy that if you said I would be meditating, not in a million years would I have done this training. But it's more than meditation. My attention just got bigger on so many levels. I am happier in myself. Arian has opened my eyes to the bigger world of work and relationships. I listen better. And don't get caught in the small things. Emotional Intelligence has made me more empathetic, kinder and confident.
– Scott B.

I was never a good listener until Arian taught us what it means to really listen. What a turnaround. I now see the importance of empathy, active listening, self-reflection, daily meditation. It makes so much sense. Thank you Arian,  you're a remarkable, wise woman. I wished I had met you earlier.
– Yolanda N. 

Thinking in meditation, learning to acknowledge my body to help with stress, listening to others without comment. Arian has taught me so much in six weeks. It’s been one of the best trainings I’ve had. She takes a point and expands on it's merits and practical importance for life in general. Thank you Arian, you have helped in ways I never dreamed. 
- Elliot R.

As a manager I communicate to my team with insight and self-awareness. My team are calmer, more productive. Arian's training has transformed the way we work together. People are achieving more results and leaving work feeling more accomplished.
Arian leads with her fearless teaching, she believes in what she teaches so passionately.

- Miles K.

I’ve seen my progression from day one. My mindset, organisational skills and leadership has grown in leaps and bounds. The feedback from staff is positive. An enjoyable, yet challenging and very well presented program. Thank you Arian, you’re one amazing teacher who knows her stuff.
– Mandy K.

I believe if you dedicate a lot of this training into practice it makes sense using mindfulness. You notice improved focus, productivity and more energy. The discussions have been insightful, made me think in ways that were critical to my career and future. My kids say dad is calmer and more fun to be with. 
– Peter. B.

It’s been really worth the time and investment experiencing all that I have learned about mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Active listening has been a huge surprise. I never stopped to think that I should listen to others more. I am more present, clearer, more concise and make less mistakes. My reactions are less and I achieve more during the day.
– Laurence T.

Vital training for improved self-awareness, control and my brain is clearer. To be trained to think about others in a more mindful way makes sense. I've got so much from the emotional intelligence training. Arian, our guru is an outstanding. Gifted, articulate, committed and wise.
– James C.

The weekly trainings have been excellent for my focus, efficiency and awareness in my professional and personal life. Arian gave us a variety of things to work with in our discussions, journaling and regulating my emotional reactions.
– Jonathan G.

Just do it! No ifs or buts with Arian. She expertly guides you using easy practical tools for leadership, learning to actively listen and learning to apply empathy in the most challenging episodes I’ve experience recently. It’s opened my eyes. Regular meditation is a no brainer.
– Marty B.

You can never underestimate the importance of getting to know yourself and being self-aware. It has helped my professional relationships hugely. I even eat and walk more mindfully. Arian’s training was enjoyable, practical, challenging. I looked forward to her weekly trainings
– Melody D. 

Arian’s training equips you with the tools for a calmer, self-aware and a more managable work life. I was a stress head and would normally react punching the air.  To be able to manage my emotions more efficiently has made me manage my team better. The videos and discussions were engaging as I got to know my team even better.
– Trevor F.

Even though it is easy to dismiss the trainings my skeptical mind has found the practical tools really very helpful. Arian’s dedication and powerful insight makes me increasingly think about my life and where I am going. Thank you.
 - Eric R.

The discussions were great. The training gave me clarity and the tools to help me think and act differently professionally and personally. Thank you Arian.
- Guy Davies
Co-Owner Director
Pavilion Architecture

Arian's training is full of ideas and experiences. She has helped me with my leadership style. I listen more and pay attention. Its taught me to be more caring, even when stressed. The weekly sessions have benefited the staff and workplace. Just do it. Invaluable!
- CEO David Hicks
David Hicks Design

The training equips you with the tools to be calmer, improve your  career and life. Journaling and discovering your self-awareness, along with the theory of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Thank you Arian, very insightful and taught in such a wonderful way.
- Luke Stokes
Designer, David Hicks Design

Arian's training was a perfect balance between educating us on the fundamentals and principles of mindfulness and meditation. There were so many practical ways to meditate! I feel very competent it will become a part of my lifestyle.
- Dan White
CEO The Ray White Group

Relaxed, better equipped, a good understanding of meditation and attention training with practical examples and great meditation options...thank you Arian.
- Sam McKay
CEO & President - Jurlique International

An amazing experience Arian. I feel energised, refreshed. Really well presented and made easy to learn and understand.
- Ray Itaoui
CEO Sanity Music & Entertainment

Relaxed, informed, easy-to-do meditation and mindfulness training. I'm curious about my potential Arian. Practical, engaging, enlightening, exciting. A day never to forget. A certain start to more personal growth and exciting potential.
- Miles Fuller
CEO Nepean Group

I had tried meditating in the past and couldn't get an understanding or satsifactory outcome. The training has opened my ability and will most definitely be utilising what I have learned.
- Uri Fester
CEO Frostbland

It was a great day and introduction to mindfulness and meditation for senior executives Arian...very relaxed, balanced, practial; particularly seeing others getting into it.
- Daniel Jarosch
CEO & Co-Founder Brands Exclusive

Arian has been able to teach me many different applications in which to employ attention training and meditation, be it my business, travelling in all types of traffic conditions, at home after work, preparation prior to sporting events, and during the course of those sporting events, and generally being able to relax during very busy times. Arian is enthusiastic, believes deeply in her teaching, and has been of great benefit to me. 
- Terry Lewis
Director - L.U. Simon Builders

What a fantastic way to step back from and into life. Learning how to relax quickly, being able to practice anywhere with the shorter meditations, learning to slow down my thinking and help clear my mind, to appreciating the insights from other course participants. This was a good format for it being my first time practicing mindfulness and meditation - a very good introduction. I truly enjoyed the experience.
- Karen McCoy
Melbourne Business School - Former Director of Alumni Relations

Arian's training program helped me reconnect with everything I love about meditation and mindfulness (which incidentally helped me through an 18 hour labour, without drugs). I also learnt new ways of 'keeping it real' by building short meditations into daily life, without having to find a quiet 20 minutes, which is often not possible. Short moments of peaceful focus during a hectic day help me to avoid stress build-up, be more productive and be present for my baby and husband when I get home. I have more energy and I feel like I am actually 'living in the moment' as opposed to 'doing a whole heap of tasks.' I highly recommend the trainings with Arian to both experienced and inexperienced meditators, who are looking for ways to create balance and a more peaceful life.
- Angela Nolan
ANZ Bank - Head of People Capital Consumer Finance.

I have found the career and life skills Arian has taught me, profoundly helpful in managing the challenges my role as a stockbroker presents me. Over several years I have developed stress management skills through the training of Arian, this has enabled me to deal with the inherent stresses and demands of trading for my clients. I was able to manage this stress with what I learned, which enabled me to provide a better level of service to my clients, reduce errors dramatically and enabled me to maintain a higher level of personal health. I believe the training offered by Arian is highly beneficial and appropriate to employees at all levels.
Vaughan James
Associate Director - Macquarie Bank

Your four week course has allowed me to look to the future with confidence, with optimism and well-being.
- Sara Grayson
CEO & Producer - Helifilms Australia 

I believe Arian's training programs improve the quality of the lives of most people who whole heartedly participate. She is a person of wisdom and integrity. My capacity to relax has increased my appreciation for the beauty around me and, I feel more connected to people.
- Peter Jones
Victoria Government
Head of Dept of Planning & Community Development 

There is no question that pressure, and the attendant stress that it brings, is a day to day part of our industry, where a hectic day is the norm. Equipping people with the means to help cope with that stress and to be able to give your mind a break from the noise of office concerns can only be beneficial to both the person and the business. It took a long time for me 'to get around' to exploring meditation and, I am certainly pleased that I did: it's a great way to relax when things are normal, let alone when things are as crazy as they have been recently. Arian's simple, practical and effective techniques are very well taught and can be adopted, embraced and utilised by even the harshest, time poor sceptic. I am happy to recommend Arian's training programs to anyone because they work.
- James Weir
Joint Founding Director - Steward Wealth.

I didn't know what to expect and it was just so refreshing to be involved in a course that was practical, with an instructor who not only spoke with great experience, but also has an appreciation for the real world and real life experiences without judgement. Thank you so much Arian, a really positive experience. 
- Pippa Mcnaughton-Smith
Head Of Global Services - ANZ Bank

Arian’s ability to communicate the simplicity of mindfulness and meditation makes it accessible to anyone, anywhere. Her voice is so silky, smooth and meditative, that I am brought into a calm, meditative state immeditately. Arian not only walks her talk, she appears to embody the essence of meditation. Thank you for your healing words of wisdom and practice.
- Nicole McAuliffe
Past President of The International Coaching Federation (ICF) Victoria

Thank you for breaking down meditation to the very basics and taking away the spiritual snobbery often found in these types of courses.  Such a fantastic experience and put together so well.
- Nicola Lynch
Director of Marketing - Acacia Learning Solutions.

A really generous, intuitive, dedicated program recognising wisdom realities but without the subjugation of self. Encourages exploration and discovery for the self. Thanks Arian, you are truly a warm and wonderful spirit.
- Rob Williams
Senior Lawyer - General Electric.

It's amazing to learn what attention really is without all the externals from someone who knows and cares. Arian brings a spirit of safety, compassion and comfort as she unveils her approach. Really beneficial, enjoyable and fun!
- Andy Rutherford
IT Engineer - Converse

Arian uses her very own experiences and opinions of mindfulness that encourage us to stay the individuals we are; not imitate traditional meditation theories and practices. It's been the best way through to our own self-discovery and self-awareness. With Arian, it's like discovering a new part of your brain to play with and explore; there's no reason for anybody not to do this course.
- Leanne Savage
Director - World Studios