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Arian Young

Arian Young


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Arian Young draws on her diverse and rich background of 30-plus years in Ancient WisdomPsychological Principles and Western and Eastern Cross-Cultural Perspectives to help you explore - 
Mindful Leadership,
Meditation and Emotional Intelligence. Buddhism, Wellness and Spiritual Counselling.
A coach, healer and former psychotherapist and body worker, her contemporary approach helps facilitate meaningful and supportive change in which to build and sustain resilience, using conscious, practical easy guidance towards an embodied and integrated, mindful-creative life. 

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Arian's Testimonials.

Who do you want to be in this rapidly evolving world? How do you meet the needs of an awakening future?
An authentic, real and meaningful life - what does that even look like?
Love, sex and intimacy - how do you engage the sacred covenant of contradictions and possibilities in relationship and marriage? Humans are wired for positive attachment, it's how we evolve to be our best. Enlightenment prises open. Permission and courage reveal integrity; your place in the world begins to welcome you. Love's mystery, a place in the sun with your beloved. Your beloved sacred self.

For years Arian believed desire and passion to be a pathology. A cancer to be avoided. Awakened to an epiphancy; her wisdom conspired, embodying a conscious awareness.
                                            "The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."
~Joseph Campbell

Buying into another's picture of happiness, we're very good at that. Denial, depression, compulsive behaviour repress a rich shadow screaming for our attention. Heart-breaking-open-intimacy with self and other, a natural and postive outcome when conscious wellness bursts open.

To meditate successfully it helps to know exactly - what works for YOU.

Women meditate differently to men. Men meditate differently to celibate monks. Surprised? Want to know more? Learn spontaneous stress relief naturally, using mindfulness and meditation that's appropriate for you, from a genuine teacher who cares, listens and learns from your experience. Craving peace doesn't mean, imitating another person's meditation style or life. Learn how and why your own individual approach matters.
Ignite your instinct to relax quickly, slow thoughts and increase clarity.

In 2017 I will be available for Executive & Private Coaching and Mindful Leadership, Meditation & Corporate Wellness.

Be the enlightenment you are seeking,

Arian Young
The Intrinsic Group

At the confused age of 18, a  friend working as a psychiatric nurse introduced me to a series of mind-stilling sequences which helped enormously with my anxiety and uncertainty. I have since lived in women's hermitages and monasteries as a Buddhist nun in Asia, Europe and the USA.
Click on About for more detail on Arian's life journey).

Since returning to live in Melbourne, Australia I have developed three distinct businesses to address the differing requirements of individuals and companies. These are:

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Visit our Intrinsic Wellness site for your personal Mindfulness & Meditation programs:
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Go to our Workspace Meditation site for your own workplace Mindful Leadership & Meditation training:
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• Executive packages
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For meditation audio downloads (MP3's), go to Arian Young's Online Store


Several years of part time actor training at the VCA and a passion for studying script writing at RMIT University, prepared Arian for her future as an engaging speaker, facilitator and trainer.

When you engage Arian as a speaker and presenter, the audience is taken on a journey discovering the  benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation; its origins and creative evolution for the 21st century.
Her story as a former Buddhist nun, her surprising anecdotes, the truth behind the mysticism - you don’t have to be a monk to integrate mindfulness & meditation, successfully. You don't have to adopt an exotic eastern lifestyle or change your beliefs. The power and clarity of meditation is yours, in as little as 10 minutes.

Let Arian help connect your audience to understand and find answers, to long-standing questions, fears and misconceptions. Be surprised and relieved at how little effort it takes, for your audience to switch off, relax and be calm.

See the About section for more detail on Arian's life journey.
Contact us for further information at info@arianyoung.com.au or phone 1300 020 030


Arian provides tailored presentations or facilitation designed for your requirements. Or you may wish to take advantage of her programs of various lengths:
• 20 minute  • 40 minute  • 60 minute  • 90 minute
* Half day workshop  * All day workshop  * 4-6 week workshop

Arian Young presenting at VECCI

Arian is a regular speaker and presenter and is available for your next conference, event or function. Photos from VECCI HR Conference at The Rendevous Hotel.

Contact us for further information at info@arianyoung.com.au or phone 1300 020 030


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Personal, Couple &
Group Mindfulness & Meditation Coaching

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During 2017, Courses & Workshops By Request


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Arian Young

Arian Young,
a former Buddhist Nun with 30+ years of Mindfulness & Meditation experience, 15 years in the Oriental  & Intuitive Arts and a Wellness & Spiritual Counsellor who will calm, soothe and inspire.

• Dip.Acu (USA)
* Cert IV Train & Assess
Centred Counselling
Field Therapy

Member MAA; SIA 


Ph 1300 020 030
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